Sylvie Granotier


Scriptwriter, actress, translator, author, Sylvie Granotier has seen a lot. Born in Algiers, she spent her childhood between France and Morocco before travelling around the world: the USA, Afghanistan, Brazil, Europe… Then she came back to settle in Paris, for love of literature and drama. She is the author of Double je (2002), Le passé n’oublie jamais (2003), Cette fille est dangereuse (2004), Belle à tuer (2006), Tuer n’est pas jouer (2008) et La rigole du Diable (2011) – all published by Albin Michel in the Spécial Suspense collection.


Autobiography for Quais du Polar

‘Sylvie Granotier – born at the age of 40, settled nomad, sociable loner, scared adventurer, impatient and serene, beaming pessimistic, realistic dreamer, masculine woman, naive skeptic, reserved exhibitionist – writes crime fiction novels.’


Crime favourites

Film: The Grifters, directed by Stephen Frears

Book: A Judgement in Stone, by Ruth Rendell

Author: Chandler for ever