Quais du Polar’s professional section

In 2021 Quais du Polar settles for the summer in order to welcome you in the best way possible. This edition will be peculiar; however it will be in person. This new challenge will enable the event to reinvent itself through new forms of exchanges, sharing and culture. Those gathering will be held in the respect of the sanitary and legislative constraints.  Consequently, online meeting will be offered to those unable to travel.

As Quais du Polar takes place, join Polar Connection the professional label of the event. Polar Connection gathers all French and International professionals who are passionate about all things crime fiction. The label crosses through all the festival’s programme, creating key moments by giving the floor to crime novel leading experts.

This year, Polar Connection will be on display for three days in a new and improved space: a hotspot of convivial leisure and meeting point dedicated to professionals.

The label was created as a toolbox for professionals from the book, audiovisual and film industry, allowing them to explore all the mysteries surrounding this genre which is as popular as it is diverse.

In the course of the programme, Polar Connection enables French and Internationals’ experts to discuss the various stakes of their professions during round-tables and casual or more formal appointments. Those meetings will take place in a location dedicated to networking.

Polar Connection also offers hybrid events (virtual round-tables) to allow international contributors, who are unable to travel, to participate in the festival.

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2nd to 4th July 2021:

  • Polar Connection’s cases: round-tables addressing key trends and hot topics
  • Polar Connection’s parlour: meetings and work sessions in a dedicated space
  • Specialists’ briefing: theme-based presentation delivered by a professional on a specific field
  • The Digital Hub: a place devoted to digitized innovations in both content and use
  • Polar Connection’s tailoring: the various proposals merged in the high points of the festival, with a professional outlook and a specific welcoming shaped as a cultural path.

As a guiding thread, some tags are marking the different themes crossing all of the programme’s proposals. (Line-up to come)

  • International
  • Crime-novel’s key trends
  • Cinema / Audiovisual media
  • Practice / Toolbox
  • Innovation / New media

Polar Connection’s tailoring offers to accredited members some appointments “sharing experience” in situ, with our partners; a selection of the festival’s events with a special welcoming, a cut the queue and a privileged access to the festive time with our guests authors.

During the key meetings of the festival, some extensions will be specially saved for professionals in order to create some exchanges and conversations, outside of public meetings.

At last, our partners-booksellers will offer relevant advice on the crime-novel’s news.

Polar Connection is offering various events to accredited members so they can choose and shape their own festival at their‘s discretion and depending on their hobbies, questionings and needs.

To summarize, this year Polar Connection extends to three days from 2 to 4 July, and will include:

  • A programme filled with events with French and International guests to question crime-novel in all of its diversity of forms and representations
  • A professional network to forge links to develop projects around crime-novel (genre) ?
  • A source of inspiration that draws from the abundance developed by the festival

Opening of accreditation on 31 March 2021

Pre-tax prices : 60€ until May 16 2021 / 80€ starting from May 17 2021

Polar Connection offers visibility to your projects and structures through our sponsorship formulas (advertisements, cocktail sponsorship, logo on tote bag, partnership...).

Polar Connection is a Quais du Polar label, willing to support students and young professionals.

The three days of the festival are a good opportunity for aspiring and young professionals to exchange with experts from the book, audiovisual and film industry.

It is a great chance to learn more about crime-novel and its different forms of expressions as well as expand one’s network.

Find the Polar Connection programme of last year.


Save the date and book your accreditations for Polar Connection (from 2 to 4 july 2021)  ! 

Accreditation at Polar Connection includes:

  • Polar Connection’s cases: round-tables addressing key trends and hot topics
  • Polar Connection’s parlour: meetings and work sessions in a dedicated space
  • Specialists’ briefing: theme-based presentation delivered by a professional on a specific field
  • The Digital Hub: a place devoted to digitized innovations in both content and use
  • Polar Connection’s tailoring: the various proposals merged as a cultural path.
  • the directory of participants sent upstream of the event;
  • the buffet lunch reserved for professionals (subject to the sanitary conditions)
  • the invitation to the opening night of the festival;
  • the booklet of the “Polar en Series” prize;
  • easy access to festival meetings throughout the weekend.

See you in 2021 for the next edition of Polar Connection!
To contact us : polarconnection@quaisdupolar.com

The Polar en Séries Prize

With SCELF’s support and for the seventh year, the Polar en Séries prize award a detective novel or a French thriller for its potentiel for adaptation in TV series.

This year, we are pleased to put the spotlight on, not one, but two books !

Two winners, rather than a tie, a one-two to honour this double crush for two works illustrating two sides of the « polar » genre, while at the same time very different, they carry out the same high standards, both resulting from documented, journalistic work very well anchored in the fertile grounds of true crimes.

The 2021 edition is an edition of change. Indeed this year, the announcement of the prizewinners took place online,  in April; due to health measures. You can watch the 2021 ceremony here !  The festival, that will take place from 2 to 4 of july will provide a good opportunity for professionals from the book and film industry to share a special moment together and also to meet after those long and difficult months, that were especially hard on the cultural sector.

The final selection  is composed of  6 books, chosen from more than 60 publications by the pre-selection committee. The committee is composed of members of Quais du Polar, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Initiative Film, key partners, as well as screenwriters and students from la CinéFabrique de Lyon.

This year's six shortlisted books are :

  • Au bal des absents de Catherine Dufour (Seuil – 2020)
  • Clown à tuer d’Eldiablo et Niro (Dupuis – 2020)
  • Du bleu dans la nuit de Jean-Charles Chapuzet (Marchialy – 2020)
  • L’ange rouge de François Médéline (La Manufacture de livres – 2020)
  • Le Silence de Clara Wight de Valérie Saubade (Anne Carrière – 2018)
  • Leur âme au diable de Marin Ledun (Gallimard – 2021)


Among those 6 finalists, our jury, composed of film industry, book and audiovisual professionals, was in charge of deciding the prizewinner. The prize reward the publication that will inspire the best TV show adaptation.

Here is our jury for the 2021 Polar en Séries edition :

  • Michel ABOUCHAHLA, président d’Écran Total ;
  • Emmanuel DAUCÉ, scénariste, producteur, Tétra Média ;
  • Carole LE BERRE, conseillère de programmes, unité Fiction, France Télévision ;
  • Véra PELTEKIAN, responsable de projet Fiction, en charge des relations avec les talents, Canal Plus ;
  • Perrine QUENNESSON, journaliste, critique Cinéma et Séries ;
  • Nicolas SAADA, réalisateur et scénariste ;
  • Thomas SAIGNES, producteur, responsable de l’International Cinétévé ;
  • Séverine WERBA, scénariste ;

Here you can find the 2021 Polar en Séries booklet, to learn more about the publications and the award.

Polar en Séries 2020

The 2020 prizewinner of Polar en Séries is "Félines" by Stéphane Servant.

A booklet presents the final selection and the winner of the 2020 edition. Discover it in both English and French versions.

The 2020 presentation of the Polar en Séries Award took place virtually and was recorded remotely. You can listen to it as a podcast.

A year of polar as seen by booksellers

For many years now, during the Quais du Polar festival, of which Page des Libraires is a partner, Page booksellers have been hosting meetings, drawing up panoramas, and offering to share their passion and experience, as well as their favourites. The major trends, established authors or new voices, the titles they recommend and those they sell. All year round they read on proofs, give their opinion on new releases, write articles and conduct interviews.
Once again this year, together with Page des Libraires and the Institut français, we have decided to give booksellers a voice with the special edition Un an de polar vu par les libraires 2019-2020, a year of articles, as many leads and tools. A panorama to be compiled, completed, commented on.
An opportunity to bring these voices beyond borders to all those involved in the book trade abroad on the richness of French literature, as well as to audiovisual professionals for whom literary news can be a choice material in the field of adaptations.


You will soon find this panorama in English and French versions.

Page, the review of books read & advised by booksellers, sheds light on literary news throughout the year. This real medium for sharing books is an opportunity for many people to share their desire to read. To discover it, click here. If you prefer to subscribe, it's this way.