Quais du Polar’s professional section

Since 2014Polar Connection, Quais du Polar has created and is developing Polar Connection, a specific segment dedicated to professionals in the heart of the festival.

A dedicated time and space

Friday, March 29th professionals have met for Polar Connection at the Palais de la Bourse!

For the sixth edition of Polar Connection,  French and international professionals of the book, cinema, broadcasting, digital and transmedia sectors have met to celebrate the attractiveness and vitality of crime fiction literature and crime fiction genre. Round-tables, BtoB meetings and friendly encounters were part of the event!

The first floor of Palais de la Bourse was dedicated to professionals’ encounters. Professionals have had the opportunity to meet and to exchange:

  • around a program of round-tables, focus, master classes,
  • in the Polar Connection Café, an area dedicated to networking and appointments,
  • around its “Digital Innovation Corner”,
  • during a lunch-buffet and during the Inauguration Ceremony of the Festival,
  • in the Grande Librairie-Big Crime Fiction Bookstore around our bookstores’ partners.

Thanks to the professionals’ directory released upstream, professionals will extend their contacts during the Inauguration Ceremony of the Festival on Friday evening and in a dedicated area at the Professional Encounters on Saturday.

Specific characteristics of this 2019 edition

Specific characteristics of this 2019 edition

This year, Quais du Polar festival was celebrating its fifteenth edition. Polar Connection has been enriched by its international guests and themes of this anniversary edition.

Highlight on northern thrillers! Editors, literary agent, but also festival representative from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and even Island have joined us for Polar Connection in order to exchange and to question northern thrillers’ specificities as well as the role of international thrillers in their own countries.

Quais du Polar has planned a three-parts-collaboration with Romania as part of the France-Romania season. After the writing of a four-hands-novel, the second part of it has taken place in Lyon with a “discovery focus” on Romanian thrillers. Polar Connection targeted editors, authors and representatives of the National Museum of Romanian literature and the French Institute of Bucharest.

From the 27th to the 30th, the French Institute and Quais du Polar organised an International Book Focus! On this occasion, about twenty international editors, directors and programmers of literary events from all over the world (Korea, India, Tunisia, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, etc.) were at Quais du Polar to discover this unique cultural engineering model based around the Noir genre.

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Round tables and master class

These encounters and round-tables, are based on four topics:

  • Cross-road of International editor
    • 10:00 am – What role for foreign authors in the northern thriller countries?
      With the northern invited editors Aschehoug, Forlagid, Gyldendal, Lindhardt & Ringhof, Nilsson Förlag, Otava, Rosinante & Co., Wandel Cruse agency and the Göteborg Book Fair.
      Moderator: Nicolas Roche (BIEF).
    • 11:15 am – Spotlight on the Noir genre in Romania.
      Alexandru Arion (Crime Scene Press), Magdalena Marculescu (Trei), Bogdan Hrib (Tritonic), George Arion, Lucian-Dragos Bogdan, Bogdan Teodorescu (authors).
      Moderator: Marie Pannetier (Institut français of Bucarest).
  • Crime fiction and screen
    • 11:00 am – Do detective series have taken part in renewing the Noir genre in movies?
      Cédric Anger (screenwriter, filmmaker), Olivier Delbosc (Curiosa), Eric Libiot (L’Express), Stéphane Strano (De Caelis).
      Moderator: Vincent Raymond (Le Petit Bulletin).
    • 12:15 am – Award of the Polar en Séries Prize
      A pitch presentation of Polar en Séries’ selection followed by the announcement of the winner of the 2019 edition.
      With Nathalie Piaskowski (SCELF), Isabelle Fauvel (Initiative film), editors of the shortlisted books and prize’s jury members.
    • 04:15 pm – Work in progress: authors, editors, producers are sharing their experience in regarding adaptation on screen.
      Joey Faré (Scarlett Production), Léa Gabrié (Scarlett Production), Sophie Hénaff (author), Antoine Lacomblez (screenwriter), Judith Louis (L’Ile Clavel), François Médéline (author).
      Moderator: Vincent Raymond (Le Petit Bulletin).
    • Saturday, 30th at 12:00 am – Original work or adaptation: when northern authors take over TV series.
      Kristina Ohlsson, Michaël Hjörth and Hans Rosenfeldt (authors).
      Moderator: Pierre Krauze (Babelio).
  • Let’s talk about profession
    • 02:00 pm – When their reality inspires and meets fiction: creative dialogue between actors on the ground and writers.
      André Buffard (author), Fabrice Cotelle (SCPTS), Marine Francou (writing director) Franck Philippon (screenwriter, producer).
      Moderator: Isabelle Fauvel (Initiative Film).
    • 03:00 pm – A year of French thriller: an overview of trends and discoveries with Page des Libraires.
      Followed by French thrillers seen from abroad.
      With participants of the International Book Focus and Judith Roze (Institut français).
    • 04:00 pm – Authors’ and translators: which statu and what kind of help?
      Amran Warsama (CNL), Corinna Gepner (ATLF) and Joël Bouvier (ARALL).
  • Crime fiction universe and digital
    • 10:15 am – Podcast and the Noir genre: new and creative perspectives.
      Cyrielle Bédu (Louie media), Linda Fall (Marketing Podcast Consultant), Alexandre Mognol (Nouvelles Ecoutes), Véra Peltékian (Canal+).
      Moderator: Vincent Raymond (Le Petit Bulletin).

But also :

  • The PolarConnection Café has welcomed you all day on Friday, 29th for your individual appointments, either arranged in advance thanks to the Directory of participants or organised on-site through meetings.
  • The Corner des innovations numériques has also welcomed you during the 29th with its innovative projects.
  • On Saturday the 30th of March, we have suggested to accredited professionals to extend their discussions in a dedicated place. A good opportunity to complete their BtoB meetings. An exclusive course to discover the Quais du Polar Festival and its cultural partners has also been proposed.

Find the Polar Connection program from 2010.

The 2019 « Polar en Séries » prize

With SCELF’s support and for the fifth year, the Polar en Séries prize is awarded a detective novel or a French thriller. This year, the Polar en Séries judges have decided to honour Racket, Dominique Manotti’s novel, for its specific qualities and its ability of being book turned into TV series.

The “Polar en Séries” prize was awarded in public on the 29th of March during Polar Connection. Just before the award ceremony, editors of the shortlisted books have had to do a pitch presentation of them. This prize assures to the winning book and to all selected books a certain highlighting. They are presented in a booklet published specifically for Quais du Polar, distributed to all participants of Polar Connection, translated into English for foreigners and then distributed via the various networks partner (to foreign publishers via the Institut Français, to producers via Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, the SCELF and Initiative Film).

The authors exchange on specific issues regarding adaptation. The audiovisual rights managers of the publishing houses are invited to come and talk during these meetings with directors and programmers who will be present on site.

The pre-selection committee is composed by members from Quais du Polar, from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, from Initiative Film (our originals partners), scriptwriters from the CEEA (Conservatoire Européen des Écritures Audiovisuelles) and critics from the ACS (Association des Critiques de Séries). Among more than 70 submissions, this committee has the 6 finalists.

Click here to discover the nominated for the “Polar en Séries” Prize and its jury members!

Find the Polar en Séries booklet from 2018.

Digital Innovation Corner

As part of Polar Connection, the Digital Innovation Corner (‘Corner des Innovations Numériques’ in French) allowed you to discover:

  • PCI AGENT: Public Crime Investigation is a realistic and immersive criminal investigations video game. A crime has been committed? You figure it out!
  • URBAN EXPÉ: written interactive experiences in recreation and tourism fields; with Story Trip mobile application, discover geolocation-based fictions and become a part of this story telling.
  • MARKET RESEARCH PODCAST LINDA FALL: for those who don’t have enough time to follow french podcast daily events, finally here is a report proposing a condensed report of what you must know regarding the podcast french market.
  • PODCAST ENGRENAGES LOUIE MEDIA: an independent studio of narratives podcasts, Louie Creative was pleased to co-produce with CANAL+ a podcast collection dedicated to ENGRENAGES and also the podcasts applications ENGRENAGES: HISTOIRE D’UNE SÉRIE FRANÇAISE.
  • NOUVELLES ÉCOUTES: innovative editorial concepts, challenging soundtrack production, marketing and efficient distribution, Nouvelles Écoutes creative studio imagine, produce and distribute natives podcasts.  


Accreditations are closed from the time being. We will let you know once you can apply to the 2020 edition.

Accreditation at Polar Connection includes:

  • access to the round tables and masterclass on Friday, March 29th,
  • access to the Polar Connection Café professional area;
  • the extension to the card of Saturday, April 7th (meeting space and special meetings pros);
  • access to the Digital Innovation Corner;
  • the directory of participants sent upstream of the event;
  • the buffet lunch reserved for professionals;
  • the invitation to the opening night of the festival;
  • the booklet of the “Polar en Series” prize;
  • easy access to festival meetings throughout the weekend.

Submitting my POLAR CONNECTION accreditation means that I agree that my contact information can be given to all POLAR CONNECTION participants.

Accreditation withdrawal can be possible at your arrival at the Palais de la Bourse.

Polar Connection is restricted to book industry and video media professionals. Quais du Polar Team reserves the right to refuse submissions that do not fulfil these criteria and will then proceed in the refund.

If you prefer to pay by check, you can download the registration form.

Please send us your picture at polarconnection@quaisdupolar.com