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As Quais du Polar takes place, join Polar Connection the professional label of the event. Polar Connection is a gathering of all French and International professionals united by their interest in crime fiction. The label crosses through all the festival’s programme, enabling key moments by giving the floor to crime novel leading experts

During 3 days, Polar Connection takes place at the Palais de la Bourse, a meeting point for accredited participants, to exchange panel discussions on different matters regarding their profession, and during formal and informal meetings in a dedicated spaces. Polar Connection was created as a toolbox designed for book, audiovisual and digital professionals, as well as any professional working in cultural institutions, allowing them to explore a genre as varied as it is popular

You can find the photo gallery of Polar Connection 2022 below.

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Polar Connection proposes a varied program:

  • A program filled with events with French and International guests to question crime-novel in all of its diversity of forms and representations
  • a professional network to forge links to develop products around crime novel genre
  • a source of inspiration that draws from the abundance developed by the festival

Our partners-booksellers will offer relevant advice on the crime-novel’s news.

Polar Connection is offering various events to accredited members so they can choose and shape their own festival at their‘s discretion and depending on their hobbies, questionings and needs.

You can find the details of the four-hands crime fiction Terminus Leipzig on the "Festival abroad" page.


This year Polar Connection brought togther editors and professionals in charge of international literary events for several discussions around new subjects. It explored crime fiction actuality on screen, trends in crime fiction books and was centered on adaptations of classic crime fiction in new forms as well as audio narrations impulsed by the new podcast wave.

Polar Connection is also a space to highlight French crime fiction with presentations by French editors during the Polar en Séries prize award. It is also a space for innovative projects, in terms of narration use, or trandisciplinary and transnational cultural cooperation.


You can find the pdf of the Polar Connection programme here

10:00 - 10:30am Tony Garnier room
Presentation by international publishers
Einaudi, Italy / Nautilus, Germany / Penguin Random House, Great-Britain / Piper, Germany / WSOY, Finland
followed by
10:30 – 11:15am Tony Garnier room
Round table
How to recognize and accompany the international development of an author ? 

What makes a work likely to appeal beyond the borders of its country of origin? On what basis do publishers decide that a novel deserves to be translated into their language? And how to accompany the progress of an author and his texts around the world?

10:30 - 11:15am Ampère room
Meeting / Workshop: book and reading accessibility
Discovering the issues, methods and initiatives for making books and reading accessible.

11:30am – 12:15pm Ampère room
Meeting / Workshop: Creating, producing and broadcasting a crime fiction podcast
Close-ups on three crime fiction podcast projects to address the issues of project set-up, editorial content, distribution or financing. And explore the links between books and podcasts

11:30am – 12:15pm Tony Garnier room
Terminus Leipzig, a four hands French-German crime fiction to cross borders and bring cultures into dialogue.
A look back at the genesis of the project launched with Quais du Polar and the Institut français and its challenges in terms of creation and publishing, with the protagonists involved in this collaborative writing adventure.

12:30 – 1pm  Chapelle de la Trinité
Polar en Séries Prize award ceremony
A pitch presentation of Polar en séries’ selection followed by the announcement of the winner of the 2022 edition.

1 – 2pm Chapelle de la Trinité
Cocktail  - Lunch reception

2:30 – 3:30pm Tony Garnier room
Polar on screen: how to renew a predominant and already varied genre ?
The crime fiction and the thriller are particularly well represented in the current audiovisual landscape. What does this genre hold in terms of narrative, production, and audience appetite? What are the trends that drive it to constantly renew itself to keep the top of the bill?with

2:30 – 3pm Ampère room
A conversation with Régine Hatchondo
Reading, Great National Cause: issues and initiatives for reading

3 – 5pm Ampère room
in the framework of the Cultural Cooperation Charter of the City of Lyon

To what extent does the promotion of a cultural "genre" for the general public (in this case, crime fiction) can be a driving force of cultural cooperation on a territory level with a view to renewing audiences ? 

What are the cooperations between cultural professionals and structures around a genre like the crime fiction novel? The transdisciplinary logics at work can stimulate the artists, but also initiate crossed actions towards various publics. How to capitalize on a popular, resolutely urban and very open genre to capture renewed audiences? Workshop based on the statements of international guests and Lyon's cultural partners.

3:45 – 4:45pm Tony Garnier room
Round-table: revisit the crime fiction classics
The publishing or adaptation of classic crime novels in revisited formats are multiplying. Impulse, motivations, challenges...? How do these initiatives contribute to renewing the works, creating new languages and capturing different audiences?

4 – 4:45pm Jacquard room - Polar Connection lounge
Meeting / workshop: the translator, cultural mediator with ATLF
Literary translators are regularly involved in mediation activities in various forms and for various audiences. Atlf proposes to share these experiences.

4:30 – 5 :30pm Chapelle de la Trinité
Masterclass : Michel Bussi, writer' secrets
Writing nourished by literature, art of construction, incarnation and psychology of characters,
importance of places, finesse of the social glance... Visit the writing laboratory of Michel Bussi, one of France's favorite writers, on the occasion of the publication of his book La Fabrique du suspense in which he reveals his inspirations and his writing techniques.
Moderation: Alexandra Schwartzbrod, Libépolar

Jacquard room - Polar Connection lounge

9:30 – 10 :00am
Welcome breakfast
Spotlight on guest influencers
with the support of Pocket Editions

10:00 – 10:45am
French crime fiction trends with Page des Libraires

11:00am – 1:00pm
Presentation by 8 publishers of their new publications
Le Seuil / Le Rouergue / La manufacture de livres / Fayard Noir / Les arènes / Rivages / Fleuve La martinière

5:30 – 6pm Special meeting for Influencers
Presentation of the adaptation of Impact by Olivier Norek in audio series

Jérémy Amsellem, Director of content, Nextory

6 – 7 pm
Cocktail Polar Connection
Spotlight on guest influencers
with the support of Fayard Noir Editions


Registration is closed.

The Polar Connection accreditation includes:

  • access to the round-tables and meetings
  • access to the Polar Connection space for individual meetings, workshops and convivial times;
  • access to the Digital Hub presenting digital innovations;
  • a directory with the contacts of Polar Connection participant, given to you before the festival.
  • A buffet lunch on friday, reserved for the professionals (subject to sanitary restricitions)
  • the "Polar en séries" prize booklet
  • a welcome bag with publications from our partners
  • a selection of meetings from the festival with a cut-the-line pass all week-end

To contact us : polarconnection@quaisdupolar.com

The Polar en Séries Prize

With SCELF’s support, the Polar en Séries prize rewards a detective novel or a French thriller for its potential for adaptation in TV series.The prize was created to be integrated in professional meetings and encourage links between books and audiovisual content. The prize is based on a call for candidatures from publishing houses 

You can find the Polar en séries booklet here

The award ceremony is a key moment of Polar Connection, it was held Friday, April 1st, at the Chapelle de la Trinité.

The Winner 2022

The 2022 selection was presented at the Chapelle de la Trinité. For its 8th edition, the Polar en séries prize was awarded, by the jury, to Noémie Adenis for her first book, Le loup des ardents (Robert Laffont publishing).

Synopsis. This gripping behind closed door novel is set in a Sologne village of the 16th century cut from the world by winter and struck down by a mysterious and fatal disease. Le Loup des Ardents is a little wonder of amazing accomplishment. It is fascinating by its relentless machinery as much as by the richness of its themes. Here we are in Middle Ages that avoid clichés and easy options thanks to its deeply humane evocation. Noémie Adenis manages to perfectly run her plot while revealing complex multifaceted characters. It definitely has great potential for screen adaptation, for instance on the format of a mini-series of 4 or 6 episodes. It is a poignant human tragedy inhabited by powerful characters; this first novel is already a success as a novel. It is also a perfect ground for adaptation with characters, facts and promises that are waiting to be fulfilled. For a screenwriter, for a director, for a producer: nothing but happiness in perspective. For
readers, of course, and for future viewers: just as much


This year's six shortlisted books are :

- Le loup des ardents, Noémie Adenis (Éditions Robert Laffont, 2021)
- Et puis mourir, Jean-Luc Bizien (Éditions Fayard, 2020)
- Hypnos (tomes 1 et 2), Laurent Galandon et Attila Futaki (Éditions Le Lombard, 2017)
- Semia, Audrey Gloaguen (Gallimard, 2022)
- Marchands de mort subite, Max Izambard (Le Rouergue, 2021)
- Tuer le fils, Benoît Séverac (La Manufacture de Livres, 2021)







Among those 6 finalists, our jury, composed of film industry, book and audiovisual professionals, is in charge of deciding the prizewinner. The prize rewards the publication that will inspire the best TV show adaptation.

Here was our jury for the 2022 Polar en Séries edition :

  • Michel ABOUCHAHLA, chairman of Écran Total ;
  • Louisa BOUGHIAS, Director of the channel Polar+ ;
  • Jérôme CORNUAU, film producer and screenwriter ;
  • Benjamin FAU, journalist (Le Point, Le Point Pop), co-auteur du Dictionnaire des séries télévisées (ed. P. Rey) ;
  • Julien GUERIF, screenwriter ;
  • Carole LE BERRE, program advisor for Fiction, France Télévision ;
  • Mathilde MEYER, acquition and development advisor, Pathé Films ;
  • Véra PELTEKIAN, vice president in charge of original french productions, HBO Max at WarnerMedia International

A year of polar as seen by booksellers

For many years now, during the Quais du Polar festival, of which Page des Libraires is a partner, Page booksellers have been hosting meetings, drawing up panoramas, and offering to share their passion and experience, as well as their favourites. The major trends, established authors or new voices, the titles they recommend and those they sell. All year round they read on proofs, give their opinion on new releases, write articles and conduct interviews.

Once again this year, together with Page des Libraires and the Institut français, we have decided to give booksellers a voice with the special edition Un an de polar vu par les libraires 2021-2022, a year of articles, as many leads and tools. A panorama to be compiled, completed, commented on.

An opportunity to bring these voices beyond borders to all those involved in the book trade abroad on the richness of French literature, as well as to audiovisual professionals for whom literary news can be a choice material in the field of adaptations.

Page, the review of books read & advised by booksellers, sheds light on literary news throughout the year. This real medium for sharing books is an opportunity for many people to share their desire to read. To discover it, click here. If you prefer to subscribe, it's this way.

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